Entrepreneur Fellows

Furthering the entrepreneurial mindset at Berry requires integration of entrepreneurial concepts into academic disciplines across campus. While some of this already happens, the Entrepreneur Fellows program will stimulate such integration in new and exciting ways to the benefit of students in a wide variety of majors. The possibilities are as endless as they are creative:

  • Art and music students might learn from a guest practitioner how to manage the financial and legal fundamentals of opening and maintaining a private studio; animal science majors might learn the same about private veterinary practices.
  • Education faculty might develop programming that challenges future teachers to devise and evaluate innovative teaching modules for museums or non-profit organizations. 
  • Science professors might create a service-learning course in which students hoping to become science teachers develop and operate a summer science camp for area youth.
  • Political science professors might challenge students to explore entrepreneurship as a viable alternative route for innovative change by asking them to map out and compare the possible results of both political and business-focused routes to addressing a societal issue.
  • English and communication majors might be challenged to self-publish and market original works of fiction and nonfiction through a digital marketplace.

The Entrepreneur Fellows program at Berry will offer financial awards to help Berry faculty members integrate entrepreneurship into their curriculum in a myriad of ways. These awards, made possible by Endowed Entrepreneur Fellows Sponsorships, could support attendance at a teaching or case workshop, the purchase or production of teaching materials, sponsorship of a guest speaker, and any number of other possibilities for the creative – and entrepreneurial – faculty member.

Our goal is to create endowed sponsorships in support of at least five Entrepreneur Fellows each year, with each receiving an award of approximately $1,000.

How the program will work

In February of each year, interested faculty will submit applications outlining their plans for integrating an entrepreneurial component into a course or courses.  A distinguished panel of Berry alumni and the director of the Berry Center for Entrepreneurship will evaluate the submissions and announce the Entrepreneur Fellow awards in March, with the successful applicants receiving their funding at the beginning of the fiscal year (July).

Entrepreneur Fellows will meet each semester to present the results of their integration efforts, sharing successes, failures and best practices. These learnings will then be shared across campus through a variety of mediums, including an annual report and website.

Faculty members can apply multiple times for the Entrepreneur Fellow award, with a required three-year span between each successful application.

Endowed Entrepreneur Fellows Sponsorships

Named Endowed Entrepreneur Fellows Sponsorships are the key to opening this window into entrepreneurship for Berry students and faculty in each and every school at Berry College. Earnings from each of these sponsorships, which have a minimum funding level of $25,000, will generate the needed award monies and provide support for meetings and a year-end wrap up event.

Once established, these endowed sponsorships will exist in perpetuity to continue to spur entrepreneurial thinking and teaching at Berry. Earnings equal to approximately 5 percent of a fund’s value will be designated for use each year; earnings over and above that amount will be reinvested in the named endowment account to allow for further growth of the fund.

    Entrepreneur Fellows (PDF)