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Entrepreneur Scholars

Fanning the Flame of Entrepreneurship

Some young people come to Berry with the flame of entrepreneurship already burning brightly; others find the first spark in a classroom activity or work project.  They might be business majors hoping to launch the next great crowd-sourced startup or pre-veterinary medicine students with plans to start private practices. They include highly determined students bee-lining toward very specific goals as well as out-of-the-box students finding their way forward, feeling – as successful entrepreneurs sometimes later explain – like “square pegs trying to fit into round holes.” 

The Entrepreneur Scholars program will give students intrigued with entrepreneurship the opportunity to fan that flame through mentored, integrated, hands-on involvement in the academic, research and outreach activities of Berry’s Center for Entrepreneurship. The program also will provide the financial means for these young entrepreneurs to participate in internships and other learning activities at home and abroad. 


Interested students normally will apply for these competitive positions in the second semester of their sophomore year, with internships and other activities beginning the summer that follows. While all students must be in good academic standing to apply, expressed passion for learning about and engaging in entrepreneurship will be weighted heavily in the selection process. Those accepted will receive sponsorships from endowed funds created and named by Berry donors.


Once accepted into the program, Entrepreneur Scholars will be expected to take at least three of the following, regardless of academic major:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Advanced Business Development
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • Prototyping Basics
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Not-for-Profit Management
  • Internship for credit

Internships, mentoring and networking

Entrepreneur Scholars Mentor - Paula EnglisOne of the most important benefits of the Entrepreneur Scholars program is the support it provides for connecting learning in the classroom with direct market application.

  • Each Entrepreneur Scholar will have regular interaction with a carefully selected, active mentor from Berry’s donor/alumni/friend population as well as the personal attention and guidance of program director Dr. Paula Englis, professor and chair of management, who will serve as each scholar’s second advisor.
  • Each Entrepreneur Scholar will have the opportunity to propose and request sponsorship funds in support of such activities as:
    • Travel and/or expenses related to launching or expanding their own social or business enterprise.
    • Participation in Berry’s International Entrepreneurship course.
    • Participation in an internship in their field of interest (whether or not for academic credit), particularly important for those focused on social entrepreneurship and work in the non-profit sector.
    • Travel and/or expenses to perform research related to entrepreneurship and to attend special conferences or other learning events.

Work, research and teaching

Not only will Entrepreneur Scholars have access to all the benefits of the Center for Entrepreneurship – including use of the Business Incubator, a fully equipped on-campus office that students use as their business headquarters – they will have leadership opportunities as student workers, researchers and teaching assistants.

Some Entrepreneur Scholars might opt for a paid position in the Business Incubator, where coaching and networking opportunities abound; others might choose to become teaching assistants for the center’s short-term intensive courses for all Berry students on topics ranging from ethical leadership to start-up financing. Still others will have the added opportunity to work directly with faculty on entrepreneurship-related research.

Entrepreneur Scholars Endowed Sponsorships

Earnings from named Entrepreneur Scholars Endowed Sponsorships will bring the Entrepreneur Scholars program to life for Berry students, supporting program activities and offsetting the cost of student scholar participation in internships, research and other approved activities. Endowments have a minimum funding level of $25,000.

Once established, these endowed sponsorships will exist in perpetuity to help current and future generations of young Berry entrepreneurs. Earnings equal to approximately 5 percent of the fund’s value will be designated for use each year; earnings over and above that amount will be reinvested in the named endowment account to allow for further growth of the fund. 

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