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BCIL: Next steps

We have exciting plans for further cultivating integrity in all students regardless of major or the capacity in which they choose to lead. The following are awaiting donor support. Many naming opportunities are available. 

Integrity in Leadership Faculty Development Funds

Leadership SpeakerDeveloping and refining the qualities of leadership and integrity in students of all majors requires building these concepts into the curriculum of all disciplines. Ideally upon graduation, an art major will be as prepared for ethical challenges in his or her workplace and world as is an accounting or animal science major. Berry's Center for Integrity in Leadership will facilitate this process by encouraging faculty members to develop new courses focused on ethical leadership and to integrate ethics development into existing ones. Faculty members will have the opportunity to apply for grants of $2,500 to $5,000 to build totally new courses and smaller grants to attend training programs on teaching integrity in leadership. These funds will be made available through individually named endowed funds created by donors. The Ted Owens Faculty Development Fund is our first; much more support is needed.

Integrity in Leadership Executives/Ethicists-in-Residence Program

The opportunities are as broad as the skills and creativity of the leaders invited to share their insights with our students. A working Executive or Ethicist in Residence might spend an intense two- or three-week period on campus or give us several learning-packed weekends; one that is retired might serve for a full semester. Possibilities include teaching a specific class and writing case studies for use in the mentoring program. Particularly appealing is a one-hour, deep-dive weekend course that includes pre- and post-work for our students that culminates in an oral or written report.

Integrity in Leadership Faculty and Staff Leadership Academy

We envision 10 of our most promising faculty and staff members participating annually in a yearlong mentoring/training experience designed to help them develop as college leaders. Not only will this training assist Berry in “growing our own” future leaders, but it also will help ensure the continuation of Berry’s mission-based brand of ethical leadership. The Kathy Brittain Richardson Faculty and Staff Leadership Fund, which honors the former Berry provost and current president of Westminster College, has been established to support this initiative.

Integrity in Leadership Student Funds

Internships, conferences, international experiences, and other off-campus activities offer students unique opportunities to broaden their understanding and enhance their application of individual integrity and leadership. But they come with a cost that many students can’t absorb. Berry's Center for Integrity in Leadership will make grants available to students who identify these leadership learning opportunities and apply for assistance to participate. These funds will be made available through individually named endowed funds created by donors.

For information on supporting the Berry Center for Integrity in Leadership, please contact Scott Breithaupt, assistant vice president for campaign and leadership giving, at sbreithaupt@berry.edu or 706-238-5897.