Nonprofit and Bulk Mailings (Standard Mail)

Standard Mail is a cost-effective service for material that contains a general message aimed at all who receive it, rather than a personal message to a particular individual. Certain criteria apply:

  • There is a minimum requirement of 200 pieces or 50 pounds per mailing.
  • All pieces must be identical in content, and the envelopes must be identical except for addresses.
  • The addresses must be typewritten; handwritten addresses are not acceptable.
  • The mailing must be accompanied by a complete sample piece.
  • Standard mail is a domestic service only; foreign, APO and U.S. territories are not included.
  • Do not include pieces to Mount Berry addresses.
  • The mailing must be in ZIP Code order, starting from the lowest number to the highest. If there is more than one tray of mail, the trays must be in consecutive order.
  • Standard mailings may be processed by metered postage or by permit imprint. The postage rate depends upon the size, weight and the message content. Please call us in advance or let us see a sample piece to determine the rate and the correct permit indicia.
  • Standard mailings must be received early enough to allow us to process for delivery to the Rome Post Office before the 1 p.m. deadline.
  • Standard mailings must bear either the endorsement, "Address Service Requested" or "Return Service Requested". Standard mail bearing the endorsement "Address Service Requested" will be handled in the same manner as First Class Mail. Use of the "Return Service Requested" endorsement does not provide forwarding service; instead, the mail piece will be returned with the new address or a reason for nondelivery. Returned standard mail will be charged a weighted First Class rate; these fees will be listed as an address correction expense on your department's monthly postage statement.
  • If Standard mail is to be metered, the endorsement will be printed along with the postage as the mailing is processed by Mail Services. Mailings which will utilize the Permit Imprint method of postage payment must have the endorsement pre-printed on each piece. Please contact us for the guidelines outlining the proper placement of the endorsement.
  • Self mailers (folded pieces that do not require envelopes) are permitted if prepared in accordance with USPS standards regarding paperweight, fold orientation, and closure. Please note that staples and tape are not acceptable closure methods. Please contact Mail Services for a copy of the folded self-mailer preparation guidelines and reference materials.
  • Large nonprofit and bulk mailings are printed and mailed for Berry by Geographics in Atlanta, Georgia. Contact the Public Relations Office for assistance with this service. Mail Services staff manages this Atlanta postage account. Please let us know in advance if you have scheduled a mailing with Geographics.