Berry College Mission and Purpose


Berry College is a comprehensive liberal-arts college with Christian values. The college furthers our students’ intellectual, moral and spiritual growth; proffers lessons that are gained from worthwhile work done well; and challenges them to devote their learning to community and civic betterment. Berry emphasizes an educational program committed to high academic standards, values based on Christian principles, practical work experience and community service in a distinctive environment of natural beauty. It is Berry’s goal to make an excellent private liberal-arts education accessible to talented students from a wide range of social and economic backgrounds.


Our first responsibility is to provide an education in the liberal arts and professional fields to meet the intellectual, moral and material needs of our students; and we dedicate ourselves and our academic program toward fulfilling this responsibility. Research, publi­ca­tion and other scholarly activities are valued and are expected to contribute to good teaching by the faculty. In keeping with this expectation, our faculty and staff dedicate themselves primarily to teaching effectively and to inspiring students to academic excellence.

An essential part of a sound education is the opportunity to explore religious faith and to relate faith with learning responsibly and intelligently, and we dedicate ourselves to providing these opportunities. The college is dedi­­cated to the inter­denomi­national Christian values on which it was founded and welcomes individuals of diverse backgrounds into the campus community.

Worthwhile work complements knowledge and faith in building character. We dedicate ourselves to providing this opportunity. An important part of higher education is the opportunity to participate in the internal affairs and governance of the college. We dedicate our­selves to providing this opportunity for faculty and students.

These dedications guide Berry’s faculty, staff, trustees and students toward a realistic and balanced educational program. Our concern for the individual permeates our principles. The ultimate aim of Berry is service to humanity through persons who find here both inspiration and preparation as best expressed in Berry’s motto, “Not to be ministered unto, but to minister.”