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The Office of Information Security (InfoSec) strives to be a partner to the college community, helping secure the data and resources the college has a duty to protect.


Information Security strives to be a collaborative partner to all campus technology users, enabling them to securely teach, learn, perform research and conduct the business of the college. While total security is an impossible goal, Information Security will work to promote, create and produce the safest technology environment possible.


  • Data Stewardship: To balance data confidentiality and integrity with functionality and availability 
  • Alignment: To align security policy, education, and controls with the college's strategic goals
  • Standardization: To adhere as closely as possible to industry standard security policies and practices based on the NIST Cyber-Security Framework
  • Transparency: To actively inform, promote and explain college information security policies and practices to the college community  
  • Adaptability: To ensure that policies and procedures are current, enforceable, and do not interfere with college operations 
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