Hardware and Software Standards Policy

The standard operating system is Windows 10 for PC and OS X 10.x for Macintosh. The standard suite of software installed on Berry College computers is fully supported by OIT. 

Employees needing software and/or hardware other than the standard centrally supported configurations must request these items by contacting oitpurchasing@berry.edu. Each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with the software/hardware-purchasing section of this policy.


  1. No equipment may be connected to the college network without permission from OIT.
  2. All software including operating systems should be approved by and installed by OIT A+ Certified personnel.
  3. The computer name, administrator account(s), and system settings shall not be changed on Berry owned computers.
  4. If a computer has been upgraded and/or altered by someone other than OIT, or equipment added to the network that causes follow-up repair work, a per hour fee of $50 may be charged at the discretion of OIT.
  5. Non-Berry College support sources are generally not approved for hardware and software support. Any charges (unless previously approved by OIT) submitted for payment for outside support will not be reimbursed by the college.
  6. All computers, tablets, printers, and peripheral equipment must be purchased through oitpurchasing@berry.edu to be supported by Berry OIT.