The holidays always brings a certain sense of hustle and bustle: to-do lists, greeting cards, meal prep, trimmings and decorations. Holidays also bring together family. As parents, you have been craving extended time at home with your student. Your student is also craving extended time, but maybe not in the way you have mapped in your head (insert visions of the Publix holiday commercials).

As you make plans for your students to come home for the holidays, remember the story Dean Taylor shared about the parents who stayed overnight at a hotel without communicating to their three college-aged children where they were. The parents arrived home the next morning to find all three around the kitchen table stressed and worried. The father simply stated, “I hope we never have to have this conversation again.” While this is a humorous way to drive home the point of communication, we want to encourage you to talk about expectations of your students being home before you have to take extreme measures. Let them show you how they have grown and listen to all they have learned, but let them know you will always care about their safety.

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