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I’m ready to go, where can I jump in?  

Awesome! Are you ready to dip your toe in the water or are you ready for a test run?  Maybe you want to volunteer for a day.  Perhaps you have already developed important work skills in your LifeWorks position and want to try them out in another environment.  Maybe you want to branch out in another area to get a different perspective just to triple check that your experiences align with your current thoughts.    

Below are some key resources and strategies that can help you identify and invest in some invaluable personal and professional development experiences: 

  • Take Professional Development Courses - Some Berry courses can give you professional development experience. Courses such as Leadership, Personal Finance or BCC150/300 classes can provide valuable information for years to come. Talk with your academic advisor for suggestions that relate to your interests. 
    • LinkedIn Learning Courses - Now is the time to “up-skill". Berry students have access to LinkedIn Learning courses that help to develop talent and teach vital business skills.  These courses are a great way to expand your knowledge and make a move in your professional development.    
  • Leverage Your LifeWorks Job(s) – At Berry, you can also explore through taking a wide-range of courses and LifeWorks jobs that interest you. Visit the Lifeworks Resource Center and Handshake’s job board to learn more about some of the on-campus student work jobs available to you right now.
    • Community & Industry (C&I) jobs - The C&I work partnership provides upperclassmen with opportunities to work part time jobs throughout the academic year (and summers) and offers them valuable experiences to advance their professional development. C&I jobs provide a real-world context which allows students to gain transferrable skills, expand their professional networks, and explore career fields that interest them.
  • Get an Internship -An internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. If you plan to do an academic internship for credit, understand the requirements, follow the process and complete the necessary paperwork with a faculty internship advisor. Information on internships  
  • Schedule a Career Planning Appointment - Sign into Handshake a schedule a career planning / job search appointment with your Career Consultant to discuss some of your life /career goals, and learn more about some of the personal and professional experiential learning opportunities (e.g., jobs, internships, courses, workshops, etc.) offered to you at Berry right now.


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