President Stephen R. Briggs

From its inception, Berry has pursued a bold and distinctive approach to meeting the challenge of preparing students for life. Our entrepreneurial founder, Martha Berry, understood that intellectual skills and practical skills could be combined to powerful effect in shaping people known for their work ethic, integrity, resourcefulness and willingness to serve. She believed in the power of helping students help themselves, and she used the intensity of a residential community as a potent context for teaching life lessons.

“Parents want their children to be successful and to do something worthwhile in the years to come. They trust that the Berry experience will prepare their children to live full and responsible lives.”

Building on this foundation, Berry today combines challenging academics with character-enhancing and career-building firsthand experiences. It values the dignity of work done well and defines the worth of work in terms of how well others’ needs are met. The college’s demanding academic programs rival those of many of the nation’s finest liberal arts institutions, and its student work program is the largest and most sophisticated of its type in the nation, with an emphasis on Berry’s core work value of ownership as it relates to one’s education, job and community.