Roatan: Summer 2016

Day 5 - June 8 - Whale watching and Fiesta Night

We started the day with an early dive at 8 am (after a good breakfast) to a place outside the marine park called Tuk’s Place.  It was a nice wall dive, with numerous large barrel sponges, nice coral and some large schools of creole wrasse.  On our way back to Anthony’s Key to do our surface interval and get fresh tanks we spotted a pod of pilot whales.  Everyone got a close-up view of the whales as they swam on the surface between dives.  We even spotted a juvenile in the group. 

Then it was off to the second dive in the morning at Wrasse Hole.  There were lots of soft corals there and some nice juvenile spotted drum.  It was a good dive and everyone is doing very well on their air consumption, so we are getting the full dive time.

After lunch we headed for an afternoon snorkel at Bailey’s Key.  The group really enjoyed the hands on experience out in the turtle grass biome.  We found starfish, conch, and other assorted invertebrates.

Tonight is Fiesta night out on the Key – BBQ, crab races, and limbo all in one place.  Keeping with tradition, Berry was a top finisher in all categories.  We won the crab race, the limbo and the dance contest.