Roatan: Summer 2016

Day 6 - June 9 - Night Dive

We started the day out with a wonderful drift dive on the West End Wall.  While the current was very weak, we still managed to cover some distance.  Some of the highlights included a huge school of Horse-eye jacks, lots of Atlantic Spade fish, a turtle, and a few White Spotted Filefish.  The sun was out, so the colors were spectacular and everyone enjoyed the dive.  After our surface interval, we headed to Green Outhouse (same dive site we did the night dive at later).  Early in the dive we spotted a Spaghetti Worm, a squid, and the real treat, a yellow frog fish (see picture).  There were lots of large grouper and snapper present as well.  That afternoon we had a discussion about the research projects and then Mickey Charteris (the author of the student’s text book and underwater photographer) came to speak to the students about night dives.  He showed a lot of pictures of things we should look for on the dive.  Right after the lecture we headed out for the first night dive of the trip.  We saw an octopus, Slipper Lobster, basket starfish, some bioluminescence.  It was a good dive despite the fact most all the students got stung by the box jelly fish when they surfaced at the end of the dive (all survived, but now have a story to tell).