Roatan: Summer 2018

Day 12 - June 13 - Coral Restoration and Rocky shore

We started the day with a very special dive out to Smith Bank. This is one of the last remaining pure stands of Staghorn and Finger corals in the Caribbean. It is considered a Natural Heritage site. The students were amazed! While we were on the morning dive, Jennifer collected a specimen of Staghorn coral for us to use to plant our new coral trees. Once back on the boat, the students helped to process the coral fragments, readying them for “seeding” on the new coral trees. Jennifer had special tree tags made so everyone will know the five new trees came from Berry College. The second dive was spent coral farming. After lunch, the group visited the rocky shore habitat and identified several organisms found in this ecosystem. Afterward, several members of the group went out for a snorkel. The evening was capped off with our second fiesta night which everyone enjoyed. Our Berry students had another great night as Rachel won the Crab Race, Nick was crowned Limbo King, and Rose was crowned co-Limbo Queen. Once again there was no one winner crowned in the dance contest, but all of us know that Ethan really won!