Berry College Hashtags

A hashtag (preceded by the ‘#’ sign) is a searchable tag that can be included in social media posts to enable others to search for that word or phrase more easily. Hashtags are used by people all over the world to create a repository of posts and images centered on a specific event, topic, or theme. Below, you’ll find several hashtags used regularly by Berry College social media accounts or by those who are talking about Berry on social media.


Berry College Hashtags

  • #BerryCollege

A general hashtag used by students, faculty, staff and the public to refer to Berry College on social media. 

  • #BCSoar18

This hashtag is used by attendees of Berry’s 2018 SOAR sessions! Read more about our SOAR experience.

  • #VikingVenture18

Used for the second half of freshmen orientation when new students move onto campus and familiarize themselves with life firsthand at Berry. Read more about it at Viking Venture.

  • #RageInTheCage18

Used for the Rage in the Cage party held during Viking Venture 2018 to celebrate all of our new freshmen! Read more about it at Viking Venture.

  • #MountainDay

A hashtag used for posts surrounding (and during) our annual Mountain Day celebration.

  • #MtnDay18

Used for specific years of Mountain Day celebrations (the number changes depending on the year).  

  • #FordFriday

A hashtag used to showcase our majestic Ford Complex, “the Castle.” 

  • #SceneAtBerry

Commonly used for beautiful shots of the world’s largest campus. 

  • #BerryBound

Used by incoming freshman and the Berry Admissions office to celebrate acceptance letters.

  • #Berry2022

Used by incoming freshman for the class of 2022.

  • #FallAtBerry

Used in the fall to showcase autumnal scenes and activities around campus.

  • #ChristmasAtBerry

Used around the holidays to highlight Christmas events around Berry.

  • #WeAllRow

Used mainly to refer to the Berry Vikings athletic events, the tag comes from the phrase, “No one rides this ship. We all row!” The phrase helps bring a sense of community and belonging to students and faculty. 

  • #BerryWildlife

A hashtag used to show off the vast variety of Berry wildlife around our woodland campus. 

  • #BerryAbroad

A hashtag used to showcase students traveling and exploring different places around the country and world. 

  • #BerryOutdoors

This hashtag is used with posts that highlight the many outdoor recreation opportunities at Berry.