About the Center

The SRELC opened in 2015 and prepares 3-year-old children for successful entry into kindergarten. Located in South Rome’s new Anna K. Davie Elementary School—the center is operated by Berry College.

The SRELC prepares children socially, emotionally, cognitively, and creatively with emphasis on building strong language and motor development skills. A lead teacher and a teacher assistant are in each classroom along with Berry College student workers, student teachers, interns, and graduate students. The 5:1 ratio of children to adults ensures personalized instruction tailored to each child’s needs. Community members, parents, and volunteers regularly participate in the classroom. Bright from the Start, The Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning licenses the center.

SRELC has generated enthusiastic support from a unique coalition of community partners including the South Rome Redevelopment Corporation, Rome city government, Rome City Schools, The Rome Rotary Club, the Seven Hills Rotary Club, Georgia Power, Berry College, Atlanta’s Purpose Built Communities and local businesses and community members.

The mission of the center is to prepare 3 year-olds, socially, emotionally and intellectually so they will to be ready to read in kindergarten and reading on grade level in third grade—a strong predictor of high school graduation!

Dr. Jacqueline McDowell
Dean, Assistant Provost for External Relations
Charter School of Education and Human Sciences