History of the Enterprises

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Humble beginnings

The Enterprise Program began in 2009 with a goal of allowing students to take business ownership. Our primary sales outlet was on-campus markets, and our primary marketing outlet was word-of-mouth. We started small, but the demand quickly grew. 

Gaining traction

Fast forward a few years. Our markets have become known as hubs for fun and community. In addition to featuring our Enterprises, they serve as a platform for 50+ community, student, and faculty/staff vendors. Our following is growing. Our students are graduating and leveraging their experience with the Enterprises to launch non-profits, land their corporate dream jobs, and pursue post-graduate degrees. Clearly, we are on the right track.

Going digital

In 2013, we launched BerryCollegeStore.com to make purchases more convenient for our growing customer base. Hands-on e-commerce experience for our team was an added benefit. We have proudly shipped orders up and down both coasts and everywhere in between, including shipments to California, Maryland, and Rhode Island. Over the past fiscal year, our online store generated revenue in excess of $9000.

Brick and mortar

To build on the momentum from our markets and online store, a permanent location was the next logical goal. We were fortunate to recognize that goal in August of 2019 with an on-campus store located within the bookstore of the Krannert Student Center. We now make daily sales to students, the greater Rome community, prospective students, and visiting alumni. Along the way, we are learning merchandising, cash management, and customer service skills.

Looking ahead

We’re just as hungry as we were when we launched 10 years ago. Dreams and plans currently on the docket include enhanced internal and external partnerships, coverage in national media outlets, and a freestanding country store.

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