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The Berry Farms Jersey Milk proudly markets a line of artisan cheeses made from wholesome Berry Jersey Milk. Our award winning Jersey herd produces high quality milk with high butter fat content which produces the best cheese. The cheese is crafted by Berry Alumni who weekly pick up milk at the Rollins Dairy and process it into delicious all natural cheese. The milk has no added hormones and no preservatives are used in the cheese making process. Rich and creamy, our cheese comes in a variety of flavors including Applewood Smoked Gouda (a favorite), Gouda, Jack, Pepper Jack and Farmer’s (flavors may vary).

 The Berry Farms Jersey Milk cheese makes the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates handcrafted excellence. Now available online (click the adjacent link to go to our online store), order yours today or surprise a friend or family member with a gift of delicious, healthy, all natural cheese.

The Berry Farms' all-natural cheese is truly one of a kind because it comes from Berry College cows. Click here to view our cheese.