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Sunshine Room Textiles

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We take pride in supporting the production, education, and history of artisan hand-made crafts, with a specific focus on the disciplined art and tradition of weaving.

About Us

Sunshine Room Textiles exists to reclaim the Appalachian art of weaving, while recognizing Martha Berry's dream to provide meaningful work for students. Devoted Berry alumni, staff, and faculty members helped establish Sunshine Room Textiles in 2011. Members of the Sunshine Room, a local group of volunteer weavers who have graduated from Berry College, support the student team with their knowledge, talent, time, and guidance.

Our Products

Find our creations such as scarves, place mats, bookmarks, pillows, and other handcrafted goods for sale in The Shipyard, Berry’s campus retail store.


In 1909, Martha Berry established the art of weaving at The Berry School for Girls, making it the school's first work opportunity for women. Weavers were taught diligence and focus while preserving their unique Appalachian culture. High-quality and functional products were produced from English and Scottish patterns out of cotton, wool, and linen materials, often being displayed in the Oak Hill home or gifted to donors as a demonstration of the school’s mission. Today, with the support of local volunteer Berry alumni weavers, the students of Sunshine Room Textiles work to keep the tradition of weaving foundational to Berry alive. 

Behind the Scenes

Curious about what all goes in to making your handwoven product? Contact us to set up a time to come by our studio in the Hoge building on campus and see our looms in action!

Contact Us

Amanda Weaver, Retail Manager
Phone: 706.368.6764
Email: SunshineRoomTextiles@berry.edu
Berry College P.O. BOX 495008


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