Berry College Sexual Misconduct Policy

Berry College will not tolerate sexual misconduct and will work diligently to prevent and eliminate sexual misconduct at the College. 

This policy is intended to define sexual misconduct for Berry students and employees. It is also intended to educate the members of our community (students, faculty, staff) about their responsibilities regarding the policy, procedures for reporting incidents of sexual misconduct, and remedies for resolution.

The College prohibits sexual misconduct by College faculty, staff, students and those who use College facilities.  The prohibition applies regardless of the gender of the reporter or of the respondent and includes sexual relationships involving a status differential and those between peers, colleagues, and co-workers.  This policy applies to all members of the Berry community as they interact with one another in both on- and off-campus settings. Acts of sexual assault by or against students, employees, visitors to the campus, or other persons who use college facilities will not be tolerated and will be pursued under the college’s sexual misconduct policy without regard to whether they are pursued separately by law enforcement.

Complete Title Policy (PDF)

Process Diagram (PDF)