Starting a New Organization

Can’t find the group that is right for you? Start your own! 

Steps for Starting a New Student Organization 

  1. Contact the Director of Student Activities (DSA) to express interest in starting a new organization.
  2. Complete application for “consideration”.
  3. Follow up with any questions and/or requested research from DSA.
  4. If able to move forward, host interest meeting to determine if other students are interested in being involved in organization.
    • A minimum of 10 students must express interest and commit to establishing the organization.
    • Up to TWO interest meetings may be advertised on campus to determine if organization is of interest for the Berry student community.
  5. If interest is expressed, a faculty/staff advisor needs to be secured before continuing the process.
  6. Put together a constitution and email it to DSA for review and editing.
  7. Once the constitution is finalized and all other information is gathered (as needed per organization), then organization representative(s) and advisor (if so desired) will be invited to present organization to the Student Life Council. During the meeting, the organization representative should explain the following:
    • Purpose/nature of the group
    • What the organization will contribute to the Berry Community
    • What types of activities the organization would sponsor
  8. After the first presentation at Student Life Council, the group may/may not be asked to provide more information to help the Council members make a decision. The group’s representatives will be invited to return to the next Council meeting to present follow-up information and answer any final questions.
  9. After the second Student Life Council meeting, the Council members will discuss the proposed organization and will make a recommendation to the President as to whether or not this organization should be recognized by the College.
  10. The President of the College will consider the recommendation and make the final decision as to whether or not the organization should be an officially recognized group at Berry.

Benefits to Recognition

  • Ability to reserve space on campus
  • Permission to use the Berry College name
  • Opportunity to apply for student activity fees
  • Assignment of on-campus financial account
  • Access to resources for student organizations/leaders through Student Activities and/or other campus departments
  • Opportunity to recruit students for membership