BOLD Programs

About BOLD

The Berry Outdoor Leadership Development (BOLD) Program provides teambuilding and adventure challenges for college and community groups. BOLD has been active for over 40 years, using its own brand of experiential learning to foster leadership and teamwork in thousands of groups.

BOLD programs combine hands-on challenges with everyday circumstances. Staff members work closely and creatively with clients to accomplish the group’s goals and objectives within their schedule and budget.  

The BOLD challenge course is an experiential learning tool that can be used to focus in on a number of interpersonal and intrapersonal principles. BOLD operates with a challenge by choice philosophy, encouraging individuals to challenge themselves and challenge each other while respecting personal choice, freedom, and empowerment. While BOLD experiences are facilitated to the highest safety standard and to the end of learning new things, every BOLD program is characterized by fun and adventure.

Our challenge course consists of low elements, which are cabled and wooden structures approximately 3 feet from the ground, and high elements, which elevate participants to heights of over 30 feet on trees, poles, cables, and platforms.  All structures are maintained and inspected regularly and facilitated by qualified staff.  The BOLD program strives to be compliant with Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) international standards.

BOLD serves student groups, campus organizations, departmental and office staff groups, sports teams, work teams, and other organizations in the Berry College and surrounding community.  Our program can use the high and low challenge course, various outdoor and indoor spaces on Berry’s expansive campus, and can even come to your location to facilitate group development experiences.  BOLD, as a part of Berry College Recreation, can also compliment challenge course experiences with extended outdoor adventure activities to give you a unique experience and accomplish your team development goals.