Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What medical supplies should I send with my son/daughter to Berry?  

A:  The Health and Wellness Center has a variety of over-the-counter medicines and first aid supplies that the student can obtain during operating hours. It is recommended that a simple first aid kit be assembled and sent to Berry with the student.

Some items that are recommended:

  1. Band-Aids
  2. Neosporin ointment
  3. Hydrogen perozide
  4. Tylenol, Advil
  5. Pepto Bismal
  6. Non-drowsy decongestant
  7. Non-drowsy cough medicine
  8. Hyrdrocortisone cream
  9. Thermometer
Also, any prescription medicines that the student needs, and any medical equipment that the student uses (inhalers, braces, nebulizers, etc.)

Q:  What information should my son/daughter have on hand?  

A:  It is very important that your son/daughter has the following:

  1. Proof of medical insurance - a copy of your health insurance card will do. If you do not have insurance, you may obtain coverage mandated by the Affordable Care Act through your state of residence's web site.
  2. Name of area pharmacies which accept your insurance policy
  3. Area hospitals which accept your insurance plan
  4. List of medicines, side effects, and medicine allergies
  5. You may also want to provide your son or daughter with a Flu kit - see for complete list.