Student Volunteers

Student Volunteering

FALL 2017

Involvement Fair – August 25
First Year Service Day – August 26
Make a Difference Day – October 28
Veteran’s Day Service Day – November 11

SPRING 2018        

MLK Service Day – January 15
National Volunteer Week – April 15-22
Leadership and Service Awards – TBD


Getting Involved

Get involved with these annual events! Volunteer as an individual, as a club or residence hall, or with a group of friends. Make a difference in the lives of others by participating in these annual events, or volunteer on a regular basis with ongoing opportunities. Use the links provided to register for opportunities and let us know if you have questions.               

For clubs, organizations, departments, or residence halls wishing to create a specific service day for your group, contact BCVS directly at Please submit all inquiries into the BCVS office. Include: name, contact information, title of service event, purpose, who the event will serve, and what assistance is needed from the BCVS office. Please allow sufficient time for your request to be considered.  

Volunteer experience is useful to employers!

Volunteer experience helps demonstrate your involvement with different demographics, economic groups, religions, geographical locations, and social, political and cultural issues. This shows an employer that you are a well-rounded student and that you will take the initiative to try new activities, be involved in your community and world, and make a difference in the lives around you.

Many people categorize volunteerism with “other” on their resume causing it to become lost among the other sections. Present your volunteer work experience and community engagement on the same level you would as your paid work experience, as it demonstrates the importance and level of achievement of your work. Highlight your volunteer experiences by:

Placing work in chronological order, inter-mingled with paid work jobs, in reverse date order (with the most recent work at the top). By doing this, you are highlighting yourself and proving the value of your work is equal to that of a paid position. Some things to include are:

  • Volunteer position title
  • A description of job responsibilities and tasks
  • Skills required
  • Dates of service
  • Number of hours contributed
  • Trainings received


You can also separate your volunteer work from your paid work to establish the different skill sets you obtain from the different types of work you have performed.


Quantifying work is the easiest way for an employer to understand your commitment level. While they want to understand the skills you obtained from the volunteer work, they also want to know how your work is quantified. Include such figures as:

  • Volunteer hours
  • Amount of money raised
  • Number of patrons served
  • Percentage of successful events and programs