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The Community & Industry Work Experience Program

The Community & Industry Work Experience Program is an exciting new partnership between employers and Berry’s Student Work Program and provides students with part-time advanced, values-based learning opportunities for up to 16 hours during the academic year and up to 40 hours per week in the summer and winter breaks.

The Student Work Experience Website facilitates searching for On-Campus Jobs as well as Community & Industry Jobs. For Student Job Postings, click here.

HOURS: Monday - Friday, 8 AM-5 PM               

CONTACT US:   P.O. Box 495025                                                   

                         Mt. Berry, GA 30149-5025                          

                         Room 320, Krannert Center                   

                         PHONE: (706) 378-2903                 


Why do it?

  • Provides meaningful “real world” experience
  • Enhances skill sets, builds resume and portfolio
  • Affords students with “firsthand” knowledge about organizations
  • Expands networking contacts
  • Helps with college expenses

Who is Eligible?

  • Current undergraduates with sophomore status or higher. Students work up to 16 hours per week for both on-campus and off-campus work.
  • All majors

Some of Our Partners Include: