Berry College’s Work Experience Program is like no other in the country. Full-time students, regardless of family income, are guaranteed on-campus jobs during fall and spring semesters. Most students choose to take advantage of this unique opportunity; more than 95 percent work at some time during their four years with more than 85 percent working during any given year.

Berry’s emphasis on meaningful work originates from its earliest days when students were required to work in order to attend school. While the work requirement disappeared in the 1960s, the college continues to provide unparalleled opportunities for learning through the Work Experience Program. Berry’s work supervisors, all members of the faculty or staff, guide, train and mentor students, challenging them with increasingly complex projects and assignments.

An important aspect of the Work Experience Program is that students first work in an entry level position and then have the opportunity to accept increasing responsibility and, as a result, increasing pay. Many students ultimately end up serving as supervisors, trainers and mentors to other students.