What employers have to say

"Our agency has a long, meaningful history of hiring Berry graduates who have played an instrumental role in advancing the clients we serve with class and competency. We believe that Berry is a profoundly unique college in that its academics and student-work program are second to none. The Berry graduates at JS have an extraordinary work ethic, valuable experience and a real sense of drive and determination to get the job done with excellence. We are indebted to Berry College and what the Berry students exemplify at JS, our values in action."

Glen Jackson, Co-Founder
Jackson Spalding

“Georgia-Pacific’s controllers organization has a great relationship with Berry College, and we are quite pleased with the quality of students that join our company each year.  Berry students demonstrate many attributes of our MBM® Guiding Principles such as integrity, teamwork, initiative, critical thinking, and customer focus. Berry does an excellent job preparing students for career success, and the work program is a big part of that.”

Steve Shuty, VP Controller – Accounting Services
Georgia-Pacific LLC

“I have hired four interns and three employees from Berry. Their disciplines of study were diverse and yet the one constant was their work values. It is easy to hire the right skill sets; it is a huge challenge to hire the right behaviors. When I hire a Berry graduate, the values of excellence are always a guarantee.”

Ann Kaiser, Vice President of Community and Economic Development
Georgia Power

“Berry students are sought after because of their student work experience and Berry’s strong academics. In addition to being strong communicators and fast learners who are organized, efficient and work well in a team environment, they:

  • Typically have a high degree of self-awareness
  • Know their strengths and weaknesses
  • Show up at work with a lot of presence and confidence
  • Adapt quickly to the Chick-Fil-A culture
  • Know what it means to work hard and are motivated by high achievement”
Andre’ Kennebrew, Corporate Talent – Talent Acquisition
Chick-fil-A Inc.

“Having graduated from Berry, I am biased about how instrumental the work program was in forming my own career interests and work foundation. So I’ll quote a colleague with no affiliation to Berry. As we evaluated a pool of candidates from schools all over the Southeast, a coworker exclaimed, ‘I am tired of hiring so many Berry graduates, but they are just so much better.’ We all agreed, and the Berry graduate in the pool became the fourth Berry colleague in our unit. “

Adam D. Newton, CFA, Senior Consultant
Aon Hewitt | Retirement and Investment

“Over the last 12 years, I have had the pleasure of recruiting and hiring a number of Berry graduates.  There is no doubt that they have received a strong education, but it is their work and business maturity that stands out.  I believe this is a direct result of taking on meaningful responsibility while attending Berry. Once hired, I don’t need to teach them how to work. I only need to train the specific skills to be successful in this industry.  The foundational attitudes for work come well developed with each student.”

John R. Swan, Regional Claims Manager
Federated Insurance – Property and Casualty Claims