Student Training

Student Training 

Training for the premier student work program is designed to fill the gap between what students learn in the academic classroom and the skills they need in the work place. As students work to build a resume through experiential learning in their student work positions they also have the opportunity to build workplace skills.  Learning Outcomes Poster

A training path allows students to develop skills based on work level. There are recommended training opportunities as they grow and develop in their positions and move up the level system from Level 1 trainee to Level 5 supervisors. Training is workshop based and online. 

Worthwhile Work Well Done training Series:

  • Customer Service, Tuesday, October 3, 11a.m., Mark Moraitakis, Senior Director, Customer Foresight, Chick-fil-A, Inc.
  • Conflict Resolution, Tuesday, November 7, 11a.m., Dr. Joyce Heames, Dean, Campbell School of Business, Berry College
  • Leadership, Tuesday January 30, 11a.m., Tony Kunczewski, Head Football Coach, Berry College
  • Teamwork, Thursday, February 8, 11a.m., Ginger Swann, Assistant Director of Athletics for Sports Medicine, Berry College
    All workshops are 1 hour in length in Krannert Spruill Ballroom E
    Open to all Student Workers level 4/5 and work supervisors
    Email to register for workshops

Online Training:

  • Excel
    • Microsoft Office 2013: Beginning Excel, Advanced Excel, Power User
  • Project Management
    • Project Management for Beginners
    • Get Your Project off the Ground
  • Campus to Corporate
    • Developing a Professional Image
    • Meeting New Expectations