Welcome to the Writing Center!

At the Berry College Writing Center, our Writing Consultants are available to assist students with all stages of the writing process, from interpreting assignment guidelines and generating ideas for a new writing project to the difficult art of revision and putting the final touches on a polished draft. We embrace a non-directive model of consulting in which we strive to enable and empower students build their own set of writing and revision strategies. WE DO NOT FIX or simply edit papers in the Writing Center, but rather we hope to share strategies that will be continually useful for all future writing tasks.

 Our writing consultants represent a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, and we encourage students to read the writing consultant bios to decide who might best help with the writing project at hand.    

Meeting with your Tutor

  • Bring a copy of your writing prompt
  • Be prepared to be actively involved, asking and answering questions
  • Take notes
  • Be ready for REVISION

Students asking for assistance on the day an assignment is due should expect to work on “later-order” concerns:    

  • Format
  • Source citation and documentation
  • Proofreading
  • Transitions
  • Introduction and/or conclusion

Please make an appointment at least a full day before an assignment is due in order to work on “higher-order” concerns:

  • Understanding of the assignment
  • Idea development
  • Thesis construction
  • Organization
  • Evidence
  • Analysis