What is the Berry Approach to Women's Studies?

Just like everything else about Berry College, the Women's Studies Program here is unique - the curriculum extends beyond the classroom and into the community with an interdisciplinary, activism-based program aiming to broaden students perspectives on gender issues and striving to create a meaningful impact both inside and out of the "Berry Bubble."  

What are the Course options?

An alternative to the traditional curriculum, the program encourages students to look at institutions, ideologies, history, literature, art, human nature, science, language, and culture from a new perspective. The key to Berry's strong Women's Studies program is a commitment to interdisciplinary coursework achieved through a wide variety of courses offered throughout many different departments. This coming academic year is no exception: click through to see our upcoming course offerings

What are the community activism opportunities?

The Women's Studies Program is committed to offering unique and varying activism opportunities every year. While many of them are coordinated through our events and programs, several courses also integrate activism directly into the curriculum. The WNS Seminar course involves an extensive activism project coordinated by the entire class, while also requiring each student to create and maintain an Activism Portfolio. This past year's class chose to focus on sex trafficking and food insecurity. New classes are also always being developed. During the current Summer semester, Dr. Susan Conradsen led the first-ever one-week immersion course in community activism. The students spend one week alongside their professor working with various community organizations throughout inner-city Atlanta. Though the opportunities for activism are constantly molding to the needs of the community and the program, they are always united in their intention to broaden students' experiences in the world and perspectives on humanity.

To see more opportunities in independent activism related to Women's and Gender Studies, check out our Activism page containing a compilation of links to local, national, and global activist organizations.  

Interested in being part of the program?

While Women's Studies courses are open to all students in all majors, the best way to receive the most meaningful experience from the classes is to minor in Women's and Gender Studies (a major is also available through the Interdisciplinary Studies Program). Students interested in the minor should contact Dr. Susan Conradsen, Director of Women's Studies.