Student Organizations

What is EMPOWER? 

EMPOWER is the women’s studies student organization at Berry. Our organization exists to offer a place for students to feel comfortable addressing issues of discrimination whether based on gender, race, class, disability, or sexuality. Our goal is to empower our members and community to speak out against sexism and inequalities. We strive to achieve this goal through sponsoring events to raise awareness pertaining to issues such as sexual health, gendered violence, sexism in the media, and others. We also hold bi-weekly meetings where we discuss current gender issues in the news. EMPOWER welcomes ALL people, no matter what race, class, gender, political background, or sexual orientation. Come join us in being a part of the movement for equality!

Get Involved!

Along with EMPOWER, the Women's and Gender Studies Program sponsors events with Listen, MISP, and Orgullo. These are student organizations that raise awareness and encourage gender, racial, and sexual orientation equality on Berry's campus.