Women's and Gender Studies Program

As young women and men enter the twenty-first century, they encounter an entirely new, historically unprecedented set of gender relations. Over the course of the twentieth century, women have increasingly entered the public sphere of work, politics and cultural production; and their position within the private, domestic sphere has changed accordingly. Given this radical revision of the position of women in all aspects of society, it is appropriate for students to explore the causes of this gender revolution, to examine its effects in the present, and to analyze the future possibilities for harmonious adjustment to it.

The Women’s Studies Program:

  • Supports interdisciplinary teaching and research on women and gender, with a particular focus on the intersections of gender with race, class, and other aspects of identity that shape human experience.  
  • Encourages students to understand and value diversity by exploring differences among people, promoting dialogue on issues of diversity, and providing service learning experiences in the community.  
  • Offers over twenty courses in Women's and Gender Studies.  
Students may complete a minor through the Women's and Gender Studies Program or a major through the Interdisciplinary Studies Program.