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Honors at Graduation

“Eligibility for graduation with honors requires a combined grade-point average ( Berry and transfer work) of 3.5. Students must also have a 3.5 grade point average on work completed at Berry. Students whose combined cumulative grade point average ( Berry and transfer work) is at least 3.5 but less than 3.7 will be graduated cum laude; 3.7 but less than 3.9, magna cum laude; and 3.9 and above, summa cum laude. 

Honors are determined on the Friday before graduation and include all graded work through the student’s last term in school. Courses that are graded S, H, or U do not affect the students’ grade point average and do not affect Honors designation. Honors information will be available at graduation rehearsal.

Application for Graduation

The Application for Graduation (AFG) is completed on-line at the beginning of each semester by all undergraduate and graduate students who plan to graduate in the next semester (apply in Fall for the Spring graduation or in Spring for the Fall graduation). During the posted time apply on Viking Web.  Log on and indicate your ‘diploma name’, then check to see that the degree/major/minor and graduation date are correct. If anything is incorrect, tell us about the changes in the comment section. If the changes involve the degree/major/minor submit a ‘blue form’ immediately because any changes will not be accepted once the office begins working on the degree audits. The graduation fee ($40.00 for undergraduates and $60.00 for graduates) will be added to the last semester’s bill. 

Failure to file the AFG by the posted deadline may result in a delay in graduation.   

Once the on-line AFG closes the Registrar’s office will check all prospective graduates who have applied to verify that they are on track to graduate the following semester. The advising worksheet is updated so that prospective applicants can check to be sure they preregister for the correct courses and complete the minimum number of hours to graduate. If there are glaring concerns (missing classes, low gpa, etc) the Registrar’s office will send the student and his/her advisor an e-mail indicating the concern.

Graduation Fee

A graduation fee of $40 (undergraduate) and $60 (graduate) is charged each applicant for each degree. This fee for undergraduates and graduates will be added to the bill for the last term of residence. All financial obligations to the College must be discharged prior to the issuing of the diploma.    

Degrees Awarded at Berry College

An undergraduate student is awarded one of three degrees at graduation: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Music (BMUS), or Bachelor of Science (BS).
Students who successfully complete the Berry College Honors Program receive their degree with the honors designation (BAH, BMH, BSH).