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The purpose of STEM Teach is to recruit the most promising Berry STEM-savvy students toward the teaching profession, to support them through programming and mentorship opportunities, and to retain them in our education program while providing them with experiences that will make them exceptional candidates to school districts post graduation.

Calendar of Events

Student Participation

  • STEMTeach participants are given an opportunity to meet fellow Berry students with an interest and talent in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields for the purpose of introducing them to the teaching profession.
  • STEMTeach participants are given time to conference with the STEMTeach Coordinator on a monthly basis.
  • STEMTeach apprentices are assigned a master-teacher mentor from one of our local school systems. Apprentices will shadow their mentors several times per year in order to develop a realistic perspective of the teaching profession.
  • STEMTeach apprentices invite their mentors to visit campus for STEMTeach Mentor Days.
  • The support and experiences that STEMTeach participants receive through STEMTeach should help to encourage them to compete their Berry education major.

Why Teach STEM?

  • There are student loan forgiveness programs and scholarships for math and science teachers, including the Noyce Scholarship
  • Most teaching jobs have better retirement benefits than private industry
  • You can get a job almost anywhere as a science or math teacher
  • Most people underestimate teachers’ salaries by $10K-$30K
  • Science teachers report having higher overall job satisfaction than other STEM professionals
  • Over 78% of high school science teachers are still in the classroom after 5 years of teaching
  • About half of all science and math majors report an interest in becoming a teacher
  • Teaching is one of the best ways to work abroad, teaching science or math in an American school
  • Teachers are six times more likely to say that they make a difference in people’s lives than other STEM professionals


Joan Blackwelder
STEMTeach Coordinator
McAllister Hall 348

Dr. Jill Cochran
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Kevin Hoke
Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. Jacqueline McDowell
Dean, Charter School of Education and Human Sciences 

Dr. Mike Morgan
Professor of Biology 

Dr. Todd Timberlake
Professor of Physics and Astronomy

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