Resident Assistants

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Position Overview

Resident Assistants are a team of returning students who live and work in the residence halls. They work with Head Residents, Area Coordinators and other staff in the Office of Residence Life to develop programs and provide services for students. Resident Assistants live on the same floor with those residents assigned to him/her. Resident Assistants are carefully selected for their academic proficiency, involvement in extracurricular activities, concern for the welfare of fellow students and maturity to cope with the demands of their role. Furthermore, they are trained to be sensitive to the academic, emotional and social problems of college students. 


Resident Assistants are expected to – 

  • Know every resident within his/her assigned area.
  • Provide residents opportunities for educational and social interactions through hall programs.
  • Be thoroughly familiar with all university and residence hall regulations and policy, and be responsible for their enforcement.
  • Assist Physical Plant and the Office of Residence Life by reporting needed repairs or other concerns in the residence halls.
  • Sit duty in the residence halls during the day and evening hours on weekdays and weekends on a rotating basis.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings, and trainings throughout the year.
  • Be responsible to the respective Head Resident/Area Coordinator for the performance of the above named duties as well as any additional duties assigned.


All Resident Assistants are required to participate in all scheduled trainings. Intensive training will take place prior to the opening of residence halls in the Fall and Spring semesters. Additionally, there are developmental trainings in which Resident Assistants will be required to attend throughout the year. 

Application Process

Resident Assistant applications are available at the end of November in the Office of Residence Life. Information sessions are held both before and after winter break. All applications, essays, references and Career Center approved resumes must be returned to the Office of Residence Life to be considered complete for the Resident Assistant selection process. Resident Assistant Selection Weekend is held usually in the beginning of February. Selection Weekend includes a social mixer for new applicants, and a group interview process. The following week, all Resident Assistant applicants will conduct a one on one interview with Head Residents and Area Coordinators. Once decisions have been made, position decision letters will be delivered to the Post Office in Krannert Student Center.

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