Group Therapy

Group Therapy

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Group therapy starts September 2021.For more information, please email the Director of Counseling, Becca Smith, LPC, CPCS at

Top Reasons students like Group Therapy

  • Feel less alone
  • Be able to relate to others with the same concerns
  • Receive support from peers
  • Develop healthier relationships
  • Build coping skills
  • Opportunity to help others in the group
  • Personal growth

What is Group Therapy Like?

  • Students meet in small groups of 5-8 members
  • It is safe and confidential
  • Most students feel anxious at first, but enjoy group when they get to know everyone
  • Group sessions include both activities to learn more about your concern and time for open discussion

How do I join Group Therapy?

  • Call or walk into the Counseling Center and ask about group therapy
  • If you are not a current client of the Counseling Center, you will meet with the group facilitator for an intake and learn more about the group
  • If you are a current client of the Counseling Center, you can ask your counselor about how to join group.  You will then be scheduled a group screening
  • You can attend both individual and group therapy at the same time, or just join group therapy
  • Group meets every week until the week before finals.  You can come one semester or come both semesters in an academic year
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