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Oasis Mental Health App

oasis-logo-blue.jpgWhat is the Oasis App?

The Oasis App helps colleges and universities support their entire campus community’s mental health and wellbeing through Oasis’s comprehensive model of care. 

How can I use the Oasis App?

The Oasis App gives you information and solutions to deal with mental health and wellbeing issues. All Oasis content has been generated by qualified professionals in the mental health field, providing self-help material and motivational success stories to benefit you.

The Oasis App includes the following interactive material:

  • Self-care content with videos by experts
  • Personal journaling with recommended prompts
  • Shared stories
  • Real-time Support Chat (*only for Chat-partnered schools) 

How do I create an account and what information do I need?

To create an account, you first must download the Oasis Mental Health App from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once downloaded, the opening page will give you an option to create an account.  You will enter your to create an account. Once your email address has been entered, you will need to create a password. After entering this information, you should be able to access the app.


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